‘The good life women enjoy come from men’ – Singer Morachi sparks debate


Nigerian singer Morachi has stated that the glitz and glamour associated with women are funded by men.

In other words, the money and comfort most women have been made possible by men while contending that a time will come when men will be fed up and will only date financially independent women.

He further asked women to appreciate men instead of having a sense of entitlement as though a man’s job is only to dole out money to them. This statement will indeed anger women especially feminists.

He made this comment on his InstaStories platform.

“Lol… to all my beautiful ladies out there, let me give y’all an expo on what’s currently going on in the world of today’s men. They are starting to lose interest in women who are not financially independent.

And in the nearest future, men would only wanna date financially independent women only. Time for everyone to worker harder or smarter.

Men are getting wiser, so you might wanna praise them a lil instead of feeling entitled or call them scums when the good life most women enjoy come from men’s money.”