“The gods must be angry with Nigeria” – Mary Njoku reacts to inability to withdraw cash from banks

Nigerian Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy Njoku has recently pointed out that the Gods must be angry with Nigeria while addressing the horrific situation in the country.

Following the introduction of the re-designed currency by Central Bank of Nigeria and the scarcity of fuel, Nigerians have experienced dark times with inability to access their money in most banks.

Presently people are made to pay money to have access to their money which has drawn protest from Nigerians.

Mary Remmy made a statement concerning the whole situation where she hinted that the whole development might be as a result of anger from the Gods. She also urged Nigerians to get their Personal Voters Cards for a new government. Mary said thus

“in an attempt to bank the unbanked, we end up unbanking the banked. The Gods must be angry with Nigeria. Get your PVC ready. Redemption is coming”.

Check out Mary’s statement in the image below….

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