“The Earth has Blessed me so I will Increase my Giveaway from 20k to 50k and 100k” – Angela Nwosu


People see generosity as a big deal, but the smallest gift you give to someone can mean a lot to the receiver. The things we consider little are mighty to those we do it for. The act of being generous is not far fetched.

There are different ways people show love and give to people in their little ways. It can be big or small, generousity remains what it is; giving with love.

The digital Ogbanje, Angela Nwosu is known on and beyond the internet for being a philanthropist who gives to people without looking back. He gives mightily with love. He dolls out huge amounts of money and shares them amongst his followers and fans online.

She took to Facebook to say that the earth has blessed her so much. For that reason, she will Increase her giveaway cash amounts from twenty thousand to fifty and hundred thousand respectively.

She said; “Ladies and gentlemen. I want to announce to you that the Earth has blessed me. Water has blessed me. Fire has blessed me. Air has blessed me. I am so special in the sense that all the four elements of life, blesses me, not only one element. The entire four.

With that being said, I shall no longer do giveaways of 20k, never will I ever anymore. It will now continue from 50k, 100k, 500k and above, without stress. And as the blessings keep coming, I will continue to up my hands. I no fit chop alone, God forbid.

I am the queen of positivity. Pride. The digital ogbanje. Pride. The trend setter. Pride. The only goodluck others copy and hate to admit it. The dangerous giver. Pride. A very proud, practical spiritualist. The most trolled on Facebook.

Goddess of the earth, in alignment with air, fire and water. I acknowledge that I cannot breathe without air, I cannot see the light, without fire, I can not survive, without water. Anyone that doesn’t pay attribute to the four elements of life, is deceiving themselves. Let’s learn to appreciate all the things that sustain us.

It is not by my power, I will never take honor that is not mine”.

This is really a good move and an act of generosity as this will make blessings to come her way the more.