“The doctor needs to be arrested” – Actress Uche Ebere calls for immediate arrest of Surgeon behind Aunty Ramota’s BBL complication

Nollywood veteran Uche Ebere has voiced her deep concern and outrage over viral video reports showing her colleague, Ramota Adetu, known as Aunty Ramota, in a coma following an alleged attempt to augment her curves at a Lagos hospital.

In a recent Instagram update, celebrity blogger Tosin Silverdam unveiled a shocking video allegedly sent from a hospital in Ikorodu.

The footage detailed the distressing ordeal of Aunty Ramota, who reportedly slipped into a coma following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

It depicted Aunty Ramota lying motionless in a hospital bed, connected to various medical devices, including a drop pad over her mouth and nose. She was also seen wheeled to another ward in hospital.

Another footage captured the moment she was transported to another section of the hospital, underscoring the urgency of her situation and the ongoing medical intervention needed.

Enraged to the core by the distressing revelation, Uche Ebere wasted no time venting her fury in the comment section of the blog’s post, condemning the egregious lack of professionalism displayed by the implicated hospital.

Struggling to make sense of Aunty Ramota’s decision to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Uche couldn’t resist injecting a dose of playful sarcasm into her inquiry, pondering whether the procedure was intended to boost her wit or to increase her height .

Taking her outrage to new heights, the seasoned actress didn’t mince her words; she adamantly demanded the immediate apprehension of the surgeon culpable for orchestrating the ill-fated BBL surgery.

With unwavering resolve, she declared the surgeon devoid of any moral compass and insisted on swift justice for their grave transgressions.

She wrote;

“BBL to increase her sense or her height ? The doctor doesn’t have conscience and need to be arrested.’


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