“The devil has distracted men into thinking that what makes them men is by how many women they sleep with” – Dancer Kaffy

In a recent podcast with Toke Makinwa, the renowned dancer Kaffyopened up a can of worms, addressing a topic that’s been a subject of debate for ages. 

She believes that the devil has led men astray, convincing them that their manliness is defined by how many women they sleep with. Kathy vehemently disagrees with this notion, insisting that it’s not the path to a meaningful life.

Kaffy’s comments are certainly thought-provoking and have ignited a firestorm of reactions. Many people are questioning the societal norms that have perpetuated this perspective on manhood. It’s a bold move for a public figure like Kathy to challenge such deeply ingrained beliefs.

But Kaffy isn’t the only one making waves with her statements. Just today, Tontrends reported on a warning issued by Pastor Deborah to married women. Pastor Deborah cautioned them against engaging in constant fights with their husbands, as this could potentially drive them to seek solace outside the marriage.

Below are some reactions to Dancer Kaffy’s opinions

Thiss >>> but anytime I say it I get referred to as gay and a poosy but it’s fine

How can this be coming from a woman that cheated on her husband while in her matrimonial home. Women shall

godblessgift 242
The devil is now distracting the women to believe what bring happiness is marrying a rich man, even if they are the 10th wife…Women now thinks dating a poor man is helping the poor man

I always will say it, no be only girl Dey cast.
Man dey cast and I won’t be with a man that has literally slept with anything in skirt

kinda cruise
If pussy is hard to find, men will work.. since it’s cheap like really cheap, men will pay.. either way, women have pussy and they also want money.. men want pussy and they have money.. it’s transactional… until women make money worthless and raise up dignity and integrity all this talk is rubbish.

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