“The day my husband asks me to pay rent is the day I pack my bags”- Lady writes


A beautiful black dark-skinned lady has shared with users on Twitter what she would do in her marital home when something happens.

The lady identified as @Pondier Eden on Twitter indicated that she will pack her belongings and walk out of the marriage when her husband asks her to pay for her rent.

Pondier Eden stated emphatically that it is the man who should cater for his household and every financial need is the obligation of the man.

Read what she wrote below,

I believe it’s a mans job to provide for his household financially. Plus the roles I’m gonna take on as a wife and mother ; physically , mentally and emotionally is going to level/most likely overweigh his financial burden . I will not be adding my money on top of that 😭

I’m a hard working prayerful person with a lot of faith . I believe I’m going to make something of myself and be able to provide solely for the lifestyle I desire and more. Therefore any man that God brings to me should be able to do more than what I can for myself period”

See the screenshot below;