The call for ‘HELP’ written in palm fronds saves the lives of 3 men stranded on an uninhabited island


Three mariners have been rescued from a remote Pacific island after using palm fronds to spell out the word ‘Help’ on the beach. They had set out on what should have been a three-hour sailing trip before their tiny vessel was overtaken by waves.After their vessel which was heading to Weno Island was capsized by a wave, in a struggle to survive, the three men were forced to swim two miles to shore at night.

Their disappearance however did not go unnoticed. Hours after they went missing, the Coast Guard was notified and the search began.
The men spent three days fearing they would never see their loved ones again as they remained stranded on Fanadik Island. They then decided to use the age-old tactic of writing ‘HELP’ in palm fronds and it worked. The trio were spotted by a Navy P-8 aircrew operating out of Misawa Air Base in Japan. In order to draw more attention to the Coast Guard, the men waved their orange life jackets until they were properly spotted.

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'HELP'-written-in-palm-fronds2 'HELP'-written-in-palm-fronds1

Source : CNN


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