The b@stards demanded N10m and told us to sell his house – Nigerian woman mourns her uncle killed by kidnappers after collecting ransom

A Facebook user, Mhiz Gold from Kogi State has mourned her uncle who was kidnapped and killed by kidnappers after collecting ransom.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, January 4, 2024, she said the kidnappers demanded N10m ransom to release her uncle and told the family to sell his house to raise the money. 

The family later paid an undisclosed sum as ransom but the kidnappers still killed the victim. 

“The day they called and told me to rush to the house I wasn’t expecting this, when I came my aunty told me you were kidnapped, I was shocked, but then I said is a lie till those kidnappers called and told us to bring 10 million naira plus the one they collected from him,” she narrated.

“We started begging and said where do we get that kind of money from, can you imagine those bastard told us to sell his house. That’s when we realized that they really mean it. 

“We started praying fasting and hoping he would come back alive but no they killed him after collecting money from us. Those bastard took him from us especially me.

“I don’t know what to say right now but your killer shall never know peace, they’ll suffer, suffer and suffer till their last breath

“Rest on my best uncle, my best daddy, my everything I miss you, mama miss you, your children miss you, your wife can not get your thoughts out of her head. Kai na God go punish those animal.”

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