“The best place to be when you’re broke is a man’s house” – Lady says, shares video

A Nigerian lady has categorically said that the best place for a woman to be when she is broke is a man’s house.

She stated this in a trending video she uploaded of herself spending the weekend at a guy’s place.

The young woman revealed that she visited him on Sunday because she did not have any money in her account and she spent three days in his apartment.

She then started doing some domestic chores, which started with her laying the bed, after which she cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes.

After sometime she went to the market to buy foodstuff with the money he gave her. She said he asked her what she wanted to eat and allowed her to use her discretion in buying what she felt like cooking.

The video showed her heading to the market and when she got the food items, she immediately started cooking in preparation for when her an returns from work.

Watch the clip below:

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