The 3 Strong Reason This Little Girl Gave Her Mother On Why She Wants Her Hair Chopped Will Make You Cry


Zuena from Uganda shared these before and after photos of her daughter, Beata. She is beautiful with or without the hair and she gave pretty strong reasons for wanting her hair chopped.

“My princess has been begging me to cut off her hair for the last 4 days,i told her to call her dad & grandmother thinking that they’ll both refuse & that topic will be closed,they instead threw the ball back at me & told her as long as am ok with it. I told her to give me strong reasons to support her decision & this is what she had to say:

1.Her scalp always hurts when she’s being plaited.

2.She’s always swimming

3.Mbu she wants to save time lol.

So i braced myself & made the tough decision to finally cut it off. Ladies & gentlemen i present to you princess Beata”


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