That Moment Drunk Chinese woman striped down and begs a man for se x in the street(Photos)


A half naked Chinese woman was filmed begging a white man for se x in the street. Wearing just a thong and high black boots – her other clothes scattered on the floor – she pressed herself against the tourist, her arms around his body.

Allegedly she had stripped in the busy Shanghai road and was begging the man for se x promising him an ‘exotic experience’ if he agreed.

The two eyewitnesses filming the incident were heard saying
‘How can the woman throw herself at the man?’ one asks. ‘She’s probably desperate and is willing to risk everything,’ the other replies.

The man however shows no interest and can be seen looking around for help and later seems to be forcing her off him.



The police were eventually called and two officers dragged her into the police car.

It is not known whether she was a prostitute or not, but exchanging money for se x is illegal in mainland China.



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