Thank God for Bleaching Cream. Fans reacts to Tacha Throwback picture


Reality TV star Natacha Akide aka Tacha took to her twitter handle this evening to share throwback pictures of herself as a young women. Pictures that generated various reactions from fans.

As they were supirse at the Amazing transformation of what use to be a Dark little girl to the Tacha we all know now.

Tacha always wanted to be on Big Brother Naija. It comes as no surprise then, that getting picked to be a Housemate this season, is the highlight of her life. This spunky 23-year-old Rivers State native lives her life like her favourite musician Cardi B does; “Do no harm but take no mess”.

It’s no doubt that the bleaching cream industry is a fast growing market globally one that has continued to generate millions of naira globally as many women believe that to be truly beautiful is when a woman is fair or light skinned.

Various celebraties in Africa have eithee bleach their skin or tune it but most of them shy away from owning up to the fact that they bleach their skin.

But Natacha Akide aka Tacha isn’t one of those people as today she decided to entertain her fans with throwback pictures of when she was black