Terry G alleges that cultism has entered Nigerian music industry

Famous musician Terry G has revealed startling information claiming that cultism has taken over the Nigerian music scene.

Terry G raised his concerns about the growing impact of cultism in the music industry in a recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast.

He claims that cults have taken over the industry, making it difficult for artists like him who are not a part of these groups to succeed.

He thinks that in order to promote harmony and peace among artists, cultism must be eliminated.

He said:

“In my time [when I held sway], cultism used to be in the universities. But it has entered into the music industry now. If we can remove it from the music industry, we would be [one] family again.

“But if there’s frat [confraternity] in the music industry, people like us who are not cultists cannot operate anymore.

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