Tekno: someone should help me out, all i do now is to eat, because of this isolation


Nigerian music star, Tekno, has taken to his Instagram account on 28 March, 2020, to express his lack of activities during this isolation period, saying he just can’t stop eating all does now is “eat, eat, eat”, and anybody that knows what he can do to help his boredom should tell him.

It is no longer news that most countries has been on shut down for days, even our beloved nation Nigeria, people has gone into isolation in order to stay safe and avoid contacting the Coronavirus. Most states like Rivers and Lagos has stopped interstate traveling, while Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions of learning are currently shut down.

So the problem Tekno is facing now is not particular to him alone, many Nigerians and the rest of the world wake up everyday not being able to carry out their normal daily routines or even get the chance to do what they like that gives them joy. We just pray and hope the human race overcome this test and come out stronger.