Tboss is going to sleep peacefully tonight!- someone thinks her daughter is NOT UGLY


Finally!— someone has seen what we have been seeing all the while. Someone thinks Tboss’s daughter is not as ugly as people would want the world to believe and this person is none other than the controversial actor Uche Maduagwu.

Tboss has been wailing her eyes and heart out all because social media users attacked her daughter and called her ugly after she finally revealed her face.

She has had comforting words from friends and social media users who advised her not to take what commenters said to heart because they were just channeling their negativity on her.

Well, there is good news— Uche says Tboss’s daughter is beautiful and people who are depressed by default are the only ones who would say she is ugly.

He wrote; “@officialtboss_ Your daughter is super adorable, anyone who says she is UGLY is depressed by default… 👿👿Dear Tboss, being a #mother is the #best job in the world, and single #mothers all over the #world are super women. 💎My sister, many are mad in #Naija but only a few have the luxury of roaming about on the street of #Lagos and #Abuja.”