“Take your partner out on dates and events more often” – Artist Tony Frank advises

An artist known as Tony Frank recently came on social media to dish out advice to people in relationships.

He advised men to constantly form the habit of taking their girlfriends out. He expressed that couples should not limit their interactions to just messaging. He emphasized on the importance for both partners in a relationship to actively step out and have fun.

A few weeks back, recall that Solomon Buchi had dished out an advice to people who wanted to get into relationships. He advised them to not stay in a talking stage for more than three months.

He further expressed that people who stay in talking stages for more than three months are people who are into podcast sessions.

He revealed that it was counterproductive as majority of people already know what they want from the get-go.

Solomon had also dished out an advice to couples as he revealed that more couples should be open to telling their partners that they love them.

He expressed that as much as action really works in relationships, words of affirmation also really helps your partner feel loved.

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