Take a look at Mercy Johnson’s fleet of cars


Who is Mercy Johnson?

Mercy Johnson was born on August 28,1984 in Lagos. She is 35 years old now.

Mercy Johnson Okojie ia a daughter and 4th child of former naval officer, Daniel Johnson. She’s a native of Okene, Kogi state.

Due to the nature of her father’s job, she got to move around a lot. First was in Calabar where she received primary education, then Lagos for secondary school studies and eventually Rivers state.

Not long after she graduated from school, she attended an audition for her first major movie role,”The Maid” , and she was promptly selected

This launched her deeply into the nollywood scene and saw her starring as lead or supporting actress in some blockbuster films, year in and year out.

Mercy Johnson fleet of cars

1. Mercedes Benz G-class

In 2015 (about 2 years later), rumours went round that her husband, Prince Odi had gifted Mercy a third vehicle believed to be a Mercedes Benz G-class . If this news is anything to go by, then we’ll be looking at a 50 million naira SUV.

2 Range Rover sport 2013 model

Range Rover Sport 2013 model which her husband gifted her immediately after their wedding. The vehicle is said to have cost about 30 million naira at the time. This was at a period where the Range Rover sport cars were signature vehicles for anyone who wants to feel like the elite class in the society.

Mercy Johnson Lexus RX costs around N15 million at the time

About a year after getting the Range Rover sport SUV, Mercy Johnson also got a new latest model of the Lexus RX . It was a gift to congratulate her for giving birth to their first child, Purity. The car is estimated to also cost over 15 million naira as the time. It was the highest trim level and came with customized features.

3.Lexus RX