Take a look at Drake’s mansion


The Canadian rapper Drake started from the bottom, and now he’s here at the very top, Drake is well known and he was a former Degrassi High actor who has now turned into uber-famous rapper and now owns a private jet, he is also steadily building his real estate portfolio.

The rapper decided to ‘uplift’ the masses in a predictably Drake way: dancing around his empty mension. The rapper released a showy video of his fast-rising hit, Toosie Slide where he strolled around his mansion replete with marble counters and photos of himself.

A few days later, he also showed off the gaudy maximalist Toronto mansion for a feature in architectural Digest. Featuring High-priced, hyped murakami grand piano and Kaws artwork, the sprawling feels like Drake a 16-year-old Supreme obsessive to design the place.

We can imagine the rapper sitting alone in the mansion at night with a glass of scotch by his side, the sound of his sadboi rylics bouncing off the hollow walls.