Tacha should not be trending


Following the controversies going on in the big brother show..
From my observations, Tacha didn’t make to the finals and I believe anyone that didn’t make to finals is not as big as the top Five finalist.

Tacha disqualification didn’t come as shock to us.,we were all expecting it. she made herself the scapegoat and big brother took advantage of her arrogant and rude behaviour to extort money from her fans.

Big brother really did a very good deed by removing her cos she wasn’t supposed to be part of the show if they had scrutinized her thoroughly. Mind you am not in any way condemning her and not also supporting her.

She played her self real bad and those still supporting her and those celebrities promising her money, I still don’t get what they are promoting in our country. How are we going to expect a better Nigeria when we give support to the wrong people.

Tacha hasnt in any form feel remorse cos her bad attitude won’t let her be.I heard she rejected interviews from media tours and thats why she is still on hold under big brother management.

I can’t even imagine a scenero when the Host Ebuka would go to her hotel room for her first interview and she shuts him up by barking at him(DOG)

*Am so sure she insulted Ebuka after her disqualification,nobody should ask how I knew about this*
And finally Tacha need to know she need a change in her thinking perspective.(laughing in chiwahwa)