Tacha appreciates Venita for walking out of her marriage despite having two kids with Her ex-husband


The outspoken reality star and entrepreneur, Natacha Akide, widely known as Tacha was in full praise for her Venita after she disclosed to the house that she walked out from the marriage though she has two kids with the man.

Whilst she seemed not to be too comfortable with what she did, Tacha came in with compliments, saying she owned it by walking out of a marriage which was not working out for her.

According to her, a lot of women would want to do the same but are afraid of being ridiculed by family and society.


“I really think Venita you’re setting an example out there because there are lots of women in marriages that they really want to leave for different reasons but I would want to hit on domestic violence and they are like ‘oh what would people say, what would society say, what would my family say’ but then you see someone like her that is a public figure and then she owns it, I think it gives some people strength, it gives a lot of women strength. So she is setting the pace.”