Tacha and Mercy’s Rivalry Reaches Its Boiling Point Because of an Anonymous Blogger


The show has ended, and for the most part, Tacha and Mercy have gone on to exist together within the entertainment industry without coming to blows as they did within the Big Brother house.

However, due to no fault of their own, the rivalry between the two mega stars has reached a dangerous point which has left social media in shambles and people screaming for a ceasefire between the two camps. This all began when an anonymous blogger @Vinny_sleek revealed Mercy’s phone number on instagram to the whole world. This is because they both have been at odds with each other, and after an exchange of words, the blogger decided to reveal sensitive information that produced an onslaught of calls and text messages to the star, almost all of them unsolicited and degrading. Because of the nature of the messages, you will have to be directed to his blog @vinny_sleek to see what exactly transpired.

After Mercy took to her live to bash the people who sent her messages about her mother and herself, it came as no surprise when Tacha’s number was surprisingly leaked and she began to suffer the same fate as Mercy. Take a look.

Due to the nature of the texts that Tacha went on her to live to show her fans that she’d been receiving, a few of the words have been blocked out but can be seen elsewhere on social media. After stating that she did not like the fact that people are bringing her mother into the squabble, she declared that she did not care to entertain the rivalry just as Mercy stated in her own live, although the latter did provide that she does not see peace being brokered in the near future due to the antics of the fan.

Vinny sleek then went on to reveal that it was Ike who leaked Tacha’s phone number in a post which contains a series of curses too much to handle. Although the drama has not cooled down, the three stars have yet to say anything more on it. We will keep you updated.