Symply Tacha’s Titans Collections gets sold out


Yeaterday, being the 18th of January 2020, Natacha Akide popularly known as Symply Tacha launched the Titans Collections. Barely 24hours after the launch, the collection got sold out. Titans always call themselves ‘Team Sold Out’ and it is no surprise that they sold out their collection.

The crop top has the picture of the Trident, and Titan written on it.

The 89 clothe is a oart of the collection. It simply means the 89 dayd Tacha spent in the house before her disqualification.

The necklace came with a trident. The trident is the Titan sign. Are you a Titan? Then you need this necklace.

The hoodie comes with the NLNT written by the side, and the Titan and trident in front. The NLNT simply means ‘No Leave No Transfer’ and was said by Tacha while in the Big Brother house, and now we know. She isn’t going anywhere.