Switch up your work styles with these 5 classy outfits


Looking good to work is one of the ways you can make a statement in your office.

Workstyle for women

Slaying to every event is almost very important to ladies and work should not be an exception.
Work outfits need to be carefully selected if you want to look good always. Except you have a particular dress code at your workplace, it’s quite admirable to pull off cool outfits to the office.

However, selecting the right kinds of outfits and looks are as important as shopping for clothes. You need to also consider picking outfits that are appropriate for your work environment. The outfits need to fit with the right style and colors.

Contrary to popular opinions that work outfits need to look a certain way (serious), you can switch it up a bit. Guess what? We’ll help you with that. We can assure you these outfits will help you switch up your work styles.

Here are some lovely looks that would help you switch your work style.

1. You can pull off a well-fitted animal print gown to work on any day of the week.

2. Slay that boss chic look with a nicely fitted blazer on a wide-leg pant.

Fitted blazers with a wide-leg pants will look amazing on you [Curated: Instagram/ Folake Kuye Huntoon]

3. Who says you can’t pull off monochrome shirt and pants to the office?

One colored satin shirt and pant for a style work outfit [Credit: Instagram/ Nina BB Naija]
4. Work styles don’t have to go with shirts only. Rock a round-necked top with a stiletto heels and you’ll be glad you did.

Casual yet corporate look for a nice work style [Credit: Instagram/ Ozinna Anumudu]
Instagram/ Ozinna Anumudu
5. Jumpsuits also come in handy and the waist belt will definitely add that spice you need to it.

Jumpsuits are the way to go for a nice work outfit [Credit: Instagram/ Nini]
Instagram/ Nini