Suspect comments on his own wanted poster asking why he’s top of the list, “Wtf? Man y’all doing too much”


This is so hilarious! A suspect wanted by the police in connection with a possible offence trolled them on Facebook asking why he is top of the list. Lol. According to the UK Mirror, Roderick Hill wanted to know why his face was on top of the police’s wanted list.

The Linden Police Department police posted on March 20: “Roderick Hill of Linden and Mobile is wanted for Attempting to Elude, considered armed. Anyone caught helping him will be charged with Hindering Prosecution.”

Hill replied in the comment section a day later, saying: “Wtf?? Man y’all doing too much… it’s murderers out here and y’all worried bout lil ol’ me? Wow…sad,”

Explaining further, he later added: “And it was not a high-speed chase I ran on foot so it’s not even a felony”

When someone asked what his supposed offence was, Hill explained:
“I ran from them… I’ve never been caught or charged with a gun never robbed. So how is it fair to label me armed over a traffic offence.”

He further explained, “And it was not a high-speed chase I ran on foot so it’s not even a felony…”

A Facebook user pointed out that he should probably turn off his location on his phone.

“Bruh all I can say is to turn your location off on your phone.”


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