Sunday Igboho wept like a child, his wife was crying too – Lawyer reveals


Lead counsel for Sunday Igboho, Chief Yomi Alliyu has faulted the manner the police in Benin Republic is treating his client after he was arrested in the country.

According to Chief Yomi Alliyu, Igboho and his German wife, Ropo have been ill-treated by the authorities in Benin as he could hear the voice of client and wife weeping on the phone.

Chief Yomi Alliyu spoke with the Punch where he divulged all the things they have been doing to Igboho and his wife.

He said, “They chained him in the cell where they put him in Cotonou. There was a fracas at the airport yesterday when he was arrested. They hit him in the hand and that same hand was handcuffed, he is in pains and he was weeping like a child when I called, I heard him.

“The wife too was put in a separate cell but they didn’t chain the wife. He was crying, the wife was crying too cease he was writhing in pains seriously. We only pray they don’t pay anybody to kill him. You don’t out somebody in cell and still chain the person.

“You know he sustained injury and they didn’t take him to hospital for treatment. We heard that he is appearing in court tomorrow but I don’t know whether that will carry it out.”

The lawyer revealed that Igboho cannot be extradited to Nigeria because he is a political offender.

He added: “The Nigerian authorities and security operatives that arrested him would be approaching the court for an extradition order to bring Sunday Igboho back to Nigeria.

“But it is not likely that the extradition order being sought for would sail through. This is because of the status of our client as a political offender who enjoys immunity against extradition. Like I said in a press release earlier today, even his arrest by security operatives was against the political nature of his offence.

“There is an existing ex- tradition treaty between four West African countries of Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and Benin Republic, which grants Igboho immunity from being extradited from the Republic of Benin.