Student designs a rape alarm bracelet that can alert friends and nightclub staff

A university student has invented a colour-changing wristband and an app

A wristband which sends a caution if the wearer is being sexually assaulted or explicitly attacked on a night out has been created by a student.

Student Beatriz Carvalho, 21, developed the prudent band and going with application which cautions companions and dance club staff if an individual feels they are in risk.

On the off chance that the wearer winds up in an awkward circumstance, they can tap the wristband to trigger the caution through the application.

A twofold tap will make the wristband light up and send a second alert to bar and dance club staff. The Edinburgh Napier product design student came up with the idea for her fourth year project with the aim to help keep its wearer safe.

The wristband can be linked to the Lux app which friends can join before going on a night out.

 ‘It’s there to identify behaviour that is going too far and to help educate the perpetrator that this sort of thing isn’t acceptable,’ said Ms Carvalho.

A double tap makes the wristband light up and sends a second alarm out

The product has been an individual venture of Ms Carvalho since she encountered provocation at school.

The episode still scares her till today saying that specific triggers bring the terrifying memories back and needs a kind of effect for individuals which Ms Carvalho says could act like a security net.

Sexual assaults, grabbing, attack and undesirable sexual attention happens often at gigs and celebrations

An ongoing report by the University of Leeds said that most episodes are not detailed, partially on the grounds that unfortunate casualties stress since they won’t be accepted or paid attention to.

‘Many have experienced something like this in a nightclub or at a gig,’ said Ms Carvalho.

‘No one should be scared of going out and Lux could be the difference for many – it could act like a safety net.’

‘Sexual harassment and behaviour that makes people uncomfortable is a complex subject.

‘Many people want to shy away from it and pretend that it doesn’t happen.’

he project was shown for the first time at the Edinburgh Napier Degree Show prior this month.