Stripper shoved a bottle in her anus, caught attempting to leave the club

A strip club manager had to call the Miami PD after an unusual case of theft in his club. Security at the club caught a stripper smuggling a $500 bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne in her asshole.

After suspecting that one of their dances is stealing priceless bottles from their storage they set up a camera inside the storeroom and caught one of their best dancers on all fours inserting the bottle inside her ass.

Unfortunately, according to reports, a spare key to the storeroom also fell out of her vagina when they were attempting to retrieve the bottle from her anus. A famous club along Shipping Avenue was briefly closed at around midnight. The security guys were trying to pull out the 1.5-liter bottle for a 5.5-foot stripper’s ass.

They had to call the police because the bottle that went in the thick part first was not coming out. The stripper knew as Mendy said the bottle would only come out if she had relaxed. She claims her anus clenched because she was being humiliated, and she needs peace to get it to release.

The arrival of the Miami PD did not help either. An ambulance was called eventually, and a lot of lube was used; the expensive France brew finally came out.

Mendy was charged with theft. “21 other bottles are missing. We suspect she had been doing this for some time, and my security team says she always had a funny walk every time she leaves. The problem is we still don’t know how she got the key.” Said Jake. “It’s a damn shame she was one of the best dancers in her.”

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