Stranded Jamaican Queen Chanel Chin Now Staying In Lagos Hotel


Canadian-born former Iwoland Queen Chanel Chin who was chased out of palace over the weekend is now staying in a high class hotel in Lagos.

According to Kemi Ashefon, the Jamaican queen, who was wife to the Oluwo of Iwo kingdom, Oba Abdurrosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, was sent packing from the palace last weekend alongside her child without food or money to embark on a trip to Lagos from Iwo where she would head for Canada.

The embattled queen who arrived without a penny to Lagos was said to be seeking help from friends and associates.

Tontrends gathered that already, Chanel Chin has started getting help from well-meaning Nigerians and she is currently being accommodated in a very good hotel in Lagos with her toddler, Oduduwa.

“Help came her way through people who knew her and the king when the going was good,” disclosed a source to Kemi Ashefon.

Meanwhile, the nonchalant attitude of the Oluwo of Iwo to his daughter also raises concern. Not only has he abandoned the princess, he hasn’t bothered to inquire how both mother and daughter are faring when he sent them away empty.

“Even if he has declared her an ex queen, has he forgotten that she was once his queen? Hope he knows Chanel Chin is not a Nigerian? Chanel Chin has nowhere to go except her country Canada.

But she would need funds for tickets and also needs money for her daughter, Oduduwa’s upkeep. She has refused to talk about what transpired between her and the former husband,” said sources.

Chanel Chin was once the monarch’s favourite and he even gave her a crown in the palace. His eulogies of the queen, when the union was intact, knew no end and he was always dotting on her.