Stop using vulgar lyrics, Blackface advises Female Artists


Weeks back, singer, Blackface decried the quality of lyrics in contemporary Nigerian music. The former member of the now defunct Plantashun Boyz cited Tiwa Savage’s collaboration with Zlatan, Sho Tan, as an example.

In the interview with a radio station, Blackface had said, “What I noticed over the years is that the lyrics became flimsy and some people lost their sense of belonging, sense of who they are. I started hearing some ladies making songs that don’t really measure up with how one would want to hear a lady talk like. When a lady is saying things such as “S’o ma gbe mi lo’le, will you gbadun my waist (will you take me home, will you enjoy my waist…I just think the ladies should come up with reasonable lyrics.”

When Sunday Scoop reached out to the talented singer who has a penchant for making controversial statements, he said, “It is normal for people to misinterpret my statement. It is not a lie that people make music with vulgar lyrics. It’s not new. Why is it a problem for me to talk about it?”

Advising budding artistes, he said, “Music is a fulltime obligation. You have to spend time in writing and being original. Copying somebody’s melody or lyrics doesn’t make you an artiste.”

Speaking further, the father of two who recently released another version of the hit song, African Queen, said, “Social media criticisms don’t move me because some people are paid to talk rubbish on the Internet. One person can own 25 different accounts on Instagram, so what are we talking about? It doesn’t matter to me.”

Asked why he put out a cover of African Queen, Blackface said, “The African Queen I released is not a new version. That is the way the song is supposed to be. People are really enjoying the music. They love the rendition and the fact that I put new music out.”