“Stop telling two grown ups on how to do proposal, everyone have there style” – Reactions as Ahmed Isah says it’s not African for a man to kneel to propose to a woman (video)

Media personality, Ahmed Isah, has said that it is not African for a man to kneel to propose to a woman.

According to him, kneeling to ask for the hand of a woman’s hand in marriage shows who will be in charge of the relationship.

Watch him speak below…

Backydogs wrote: Abeg they should stop telling two grown ups on how to do proposal..everyone have there stly abeg..

Dani wrote: African culture is very backward. Promoting hunger, disease, war, injustice, lawlessness. Africans risk their lives and humanity to exist outside Africa. So what’s so great about things being African?

Bella: Very very correct,I have had this arguments with a lot of people,about this so called African culture- It’s a culture of intimidation and oppression .

Akin wrote: @Dani. You are SICK.

Anony wrote: U are a fool to insult ur heritage and culture … only blacks do this …not same in other continents…they preserve and maintain their culture… but u call urs backward …

Stella_Ugo: You’re right, polygamy and making women slaves is what African culture is known for. Other cultures don’t promote polygamy the way Africa does, why do whites call Africa black monkey? Because we still behave like Bush people. Our ancestors failed women, no cap. When you see men defending the culture it is because it favors them to enslave women but no more!

Chigo: Forget this one. Muslims are light years behind.

Sniper: i concur. Actually an abomination. Women are doomed to be servile underlings to men. Thy’re created to be eternally subjugated to menfolk. Trillions of tons of feminist dung can’t change that.

Iyke: As an Igbo man, our way na ‘ Nne, achoro m ihu ndi be unu’…. Na proposal be dat….if you gree na you know.

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