”Stop recycling my letter to fight my dad, address the issues he raised in his letter” Iyabo Obasanjo sends stern warning to President Buhari’s supporters


Daughter of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Iyabo Obasanjo, has issued a stern warning to supporters of President Buhari to desisit from recycling a letter she wrote to her father as though she recently attacked him for his explosive letter to President Buhari.

In 2013, Iyabo sent a damning letter to her father in which she told him he does not own Nigeria and does not solely have the solutions to the problems of Nigeria. It however appears that both Father and daughter have resolved their issues and are back to being cordial.

In the wake of the letter the former president released last Tuesday berating the Buhari led government, some staunch APC members republished Iyabo’s letter online with claims that she was responding to her father’s letter to President Buhari.

However in a swift reaction, Iyabo in a strongly worded statement released yesterday, warned APC members from deceivig the public. She called on members of the ruling party to advise their principal to address the issues raised in her father’s letter. Read Her statement below…

My attention has been drawn to the republishing (in social media) of a letter from 2013 that has since been overturned by events. I am surprised that agents of the current Nigerian administration who should benefit from the advice and admonishment of one of the most brilliant leaders to ever emerge in modern Africa have resorted to a cheap tactic that further reiterates the message that they found abhorrent enough to start looking for unconnected issues to put together to make their point. To say that Nigeria has problems is to make an understatement. The wise should listen, wherever help and advice come from. Those who republished the old letter should have spent time to respond to the content of the said statement which, among other things, called on President Buhari to join the rank of retired elder statesmen in 2019. I would think this was appropriate and even unnecessary advice, given the serious medical problems he has had over the last few years. I have had no connection with his administration or to the previous one after I left the Senate in 2011, and to try and use me and my name as some excuse is shameful. I agree with the contents of the open letter and like all people that wish Africa well, hope that Nigeria someday comes out of its death spiral to become a leading nation in the world. It is tiring to continue to be part of the Nigerian conversation when there is no positive impact to it. I really do not want to be part of it, as I have found over and over again that speech and words are wasted on people who have no understanding of the responsibility on us as black people on this planet.”


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