“Stop dictating to people how they should spend their money” – Toke Makinwa


Multi-talented Nigerian radio and television personality, Toke Makinwa, had enough from the public as to how she spends her money.

The public most often chastises celebrities, especially those who spend luxuriously on materials thongs. Many people believe such money could be used to help the poor instead.

But vlogger and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa believe it’s high time the public shuns dedicating to people how money should be spent so long as the person doesn’t ask for handouts from anybody.

She added that people must be allowed to blow their cash on whatever they choose to without being dragged before the court of public opinion. In her view, that’s just another way of putting unnecessary pressure on people.

Toke Makinwa

According to her, the same applies to pressing people to settle down, have babies, or move out of the home. She believes everyone has his or her own time for these things to happen in their life.

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