Stop Blaming Us For Your Failures- PDP Tells APC


Following the repeated action by the APC to blame the immediate past government and party for all the hardship presently being faced in the country, the PDP has asked the ruling party APC to stop the blame game and come up with solutions to address the issues bothering Nigerians. PDP Chairman, Alimodu Sheriff said this while inaugurating four committees in the PDP in Abuja today April 5th


“The leadership of the party share the pains of Nigerians after one year in office of the All Progressives Congress-led government. Nigerians now have the opportunity of comparing the PDP and also the APC. The ultimate judge of this exercise are Nigerians. ‎Instead of the APC addressing the problems of the country, the ruling party has kept blaming the PDP for lack of petrol in the country. I saw the other day a publication by one of the leaders of the APC that we are responsible for lack of petrol after their one year in office. I would like to advise the leaders of the APC to stop blaming us in the PDP, we are now in the opposition party, repositioning our party to show Nigerians that we could do better.”


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