‘Stop asking me for money’ – Nollywood actress, Abiola Adebayo warns social media beggars


Giveaways on social media has become a trend to the extent that it leaves a lot of people with a sense of entitlement from celebrities who do not giveaway on social media.

These kind of celebrities are usually under fire and usually accused of being stingy because they don’t do giveaways like other celebrities do.

This has made Nollywood actress, Abiola Adebayo beg people to stop asking her for money on Instagram. In a post she shared recently on her page, the dark-skinned actress specifically addressed those coming to her DM to ask her for money and why she is not doing giveaway like other actresses are.

According to Abiola, times were hard and she needs her fans to understand and stop sending DMs asking for giveaways. The actress who revealed she had lots of responsibilities, admitted that she also needs giveaways.

She captioned the post: “If I tell you I’m very rich, it’s just a prophecy, it’s futuristic, please let’s wait for it to manifest first…… I understand that time are hard but we’re in this together ni o, nobody should ask me to check DM o please, please and please I ALSO NEED GIVEAWAY”

Read all she said below;