Sterling bank signs Cynthia Morgan onto a bank project less than 24 hours after viral interview


When you talk about grace and the dimensions in which one can get blessed irrespective of circumstances, then you should mention the case of Cynthia Morgan aka Madrina.

Barely 24 hours after she broke silence on why she had been mute and not been working for a long time in the industry, she has been receiving various favors from different angles.

The beautiful raggae singer and songwriter had come out to grant an interview stating that she was badly managed by her former music group and gave details about all that transpired.

After the interview fans from all over the word sympathized with her and showed her love with hopes that she would get back on track real soon.

Among the many blessings that came right after the interview included a GoFundMe account opened on her behalf and Davido’s invitation to work with her.

Now to top it all, Sterling bank has officially signed her on to their OneBank campaign. This is huge for the singer as she would be the face of the campaign and automatically become an ambassador of the bank.

This has generated a lot of reactions on the internet as many people are currently happy for her and her new blessings.

However, here are some of the reactions;