Stephanie Linus’s 4 Years Old Son Sends His Love As His Parents Celebrate Their 8th Wedding Anniversary


This is the cutest thing ever!

Stephanie Linus and husband Idahosa are eight years old today and their faces are full of smiles.

Just yesterday, the couple got married in a private ceremony in France and today, they are already eight years gone and forever to go.

Stephanie shared a picture of their wedding day, expressing her love for Idahosa and how nothing seemed to have changed between them.

She wrote; “Gosh! It feels like yesterday and
It’s still fun to laugh and play together. Its been a beautiful and amazing journey.”

“and…Yes, I do all over again!!! Dear God Almighty, we dedicate this day to you, with our hearts filled with Love, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving.
Happy Anniversary to u.”

Stephanie for once shared a picture of their 4 years old son Maxwell, wishing his parents the very best today and in the years ahead.

How cute is that?