Step by step instructions to Make Men’s Health Month Count

Make the most of men's health

When you think Men’s Health, you probably think abs, kettle bells, protein shakes. All emblems of physical health and we think about physical health, too. A lot actually. (Occasionally at inopportune times.) But we think about mental health just as much and sexual health and financial health and fatherhood and marriage and friendship.

But Men’s Health Month which we celebrate each June isn’t just about thinking. Its about doing. Its about finally getting that prostate exam. Talking to someone about your mental health. (If The Rock can do it, so can you.) Or hell, playing hooky to catch a double-header with your daughter at Wrigley. Point is, we believe that the healthiest life is a well-rounded life-one that is not just filled with physical fitness and nutritious food but a curious mind; an adventurous sex life; and a healthy skepticism for the status quo.

We believe in self-improvement.

We know you believe in self-improvement, too. You genuinely want to do better and be better. You want to look great, feel strong, and live long, full lives. You look to Men’s Health for stories that inform you, inspire you, and equip you with the tools and knowledge to effect that kind of improvement-instead of putting it off. Stories like these.