“Stay Away From Africa, With Your Poison”- Burna Boy’s Girlfriend Warns French Doctors (Photos)


Many people round the world, are still raging about the two French doctors, that were boldly discussing on Live TV, how a potential drug meant to for Covid-19 treatment, should first be tested in Africa. The statement from both doctors, have really sparked up so many angry reactions, including African football Legend, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto, Demba Ba and others.

In the video, the first doctor, Doctor Mira, described Africa, as a place, where Prostitutes are used to test for HIV/AIDS, he said that Africa does not have cure for the Covid-19, that they don’t have masks and that Africans are really exposed to the virus and they don’t protect themselves. Then his colleague, Doctor Locht, immediately agreed with him, that they are thinking in parallel to study the drugs in Africa, to approach with the BCG vaccines, and that they have been seriously thinking about the idea too.

Another Celebrity, that have also joined in condemning the doctors, is Jamaican Reggae singer, Stefflon Don, who is also popularly known as the girlfriend, to Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Burnaboy, She shared on her Instagram page, the video of Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us”, and a tweet talking about the doctors, and then she wrote the caption: