SS3 students crash car while celebrating graduation

The graduation celebration of a group of overzealous SS3 students ends in an accident after running into a tree, causing severe damage to the car.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the joy in the hearts of some high school graduates who packed themselves in a car.

In the video, they could be seen speeding while on the premises of the school; with one of the students sitting on the edge of the car’s window.

However, the joy became sour almost immediately after they ran into a tree. The video captured the damaged car while zero details was made known about the students’ safety.

Reactions trialing car accident of SS3 students
mz_sammyy quizzed: “Judging from the kind of school, their parents cannot obviously afford the car… question is how did a secondary school child buy a car?”

dreybytheway said: “If no lives were lost, then everything else is SECONDARY.”

jay_scotch_autos noted: “ES and Camry boys no dey ever calm down. Thier bl00d too dey hot 😂😂😂.”

pendown9ja stated: “Hope they came out unscathed? Let them celebrate its their moment😄😄.”

yesimprettyoma said: “It’s obvious to know people that didn’t stress to make money.. See how they damaged the car.”

Watch the video below …


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