Spend the small money in your account so that big money can enter – Cubana Chiefpriest advises Nigerians (Video)

Popular Nigerian nightlife king Cubana Chiefpriest in a latest video shared online advises Nigerians as regards money spending.

In the clip, Cubana Chiefpriest tells Nigerians to spend the small money in their accounts so that big money can enter.

The billionaire socialite added that the small money left in the account creates suffocation making it difficult for the large amount of money to come in.

Cubana Chiefpriest further tackles Nigerians for always keeping money inside the back as if they know tomorrow while adding that death is inevitable and can happen any time.

In his words; “That money wey you dey save for bank, u know when u go die, you just dey act like say you know tomorrow, chop ur money, the small money dey suffocate big money wey dey come, that small money wey dey account chop am finish, make see space come in.”

Video below….

See reactions below;

wendy_adamma: I don choppp am. Big money did not come 😢😢.

pauldgoodguy: if you like listen to him, na only you and your responsibilities go remain😢.

laurafreshness202: This one is not an advice, this is mockery at its finest.

_peaceful_baddie: Indirectly telling mumu people to come ball in his bar and club lol 😂.

ble_ssing_sunday: For this economy even if you spend wisely money go still finish🥲😂.

ysabel_avril: This happens to me. Whenever I say lemme save ,I won’t see money coming from anywhere. But once I spend to my last one naira money will just come the next miniute. Maybe my destiny is not to have savings.

funaya_: 🎶 If you continue to give… temporary solution… to the poorest of the poor… one day the poor will become poorer and the poorest will become the poorest of the poorester, the poorest of the poorestest 🎶🎵🎤

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