Speed Darlington Slams Dino Melaye After Little Girl Was Given To Him As Wife

Speed Darlington (L) Dino Melaye (R)

Just like Regina Daniels and Price Ned Nwoko, Dino Melaye has taken to social media to reveal the young girl given to him for a wife in Kogi state. This act has made Speed Darlington took to his Instagram page to vent his anger about such a shameful thing to do.

He said: “This is the second time I’m posting this and you may hate me if you like but I need to free my spirit. They say you can gauge a person mental place based on the things he laughs at. In Nigeria, pedophilia is tolerated but we don’t tolerate abortion. Do you see how my people think? It’s okay to have a baby wife but turns around and tell a woman what to do with her body? #PAP2023 marriage to a person under 17 years old is a pure crime?

Only pedophiles see joke here. The kind of things you laugh at is how we know what you like in real life.

Just like he condemned Ned Nwokos affair to a girl young enough to be his grandchild, he has also called out Dino Melaye for accepting such offer to wife a very little girl.

Dino Melaye wrote:” My Aiyegun wife given to me today. Cultural joke. Great tradition of the Okun people. Lol”

Even though Senator Dino Melaye shared this as a funny post, unfortunately0 Speed Darlington did not find it funny at all. Just like he frowned at Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels, he has shown that he would never encourage such act and also advised men to detest it too.

In Regina’s case, he suggested that she is supposed to be dating men like him and not a 59-year-old man. He also suggested if Ned can allow him marry one of his very young girls and maybe he would be able to feel the pain of marrying someone else’s very young daughter.