South Africans mock Nigerian Pastor who did ‘manhood Erection Miracle’ in Church


South Africans have mocked Nigerian Pastor, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin after they saw a throwback video of the pastor engaging in ‘manhood erection restoration miracle’ inside church.

The South Africans started laughing at Nigerians and made a mockery of the Nigerian pastor.

Recall that Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin had allegedly restored the manhood of one Chris Muabu to normalcy in church after suffering erectile dysfunction.

Chris Muabu (formally known as Abdulaziz) born Muslim but converted to Christian had erection dysfunction for over 3 weeks, urinated blood, visited several hospitals was even booked for operation yet to no avail until the prophet allegedly restored the manhood and he had a huge erection in church.

Tshepiso Masipa: “ppl crying that there is no work & money in SA entertainment industry… here is acting jobs in nigerian churches… i bet the pay is good.”