South African waiter gets N121,800 tip and splits it with co-workers

Murphy Nyengele

In September, a Johannesburg couple visited the Onomo Hotel in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Throughout their stay at the hotel, the couple used the services of waiter Murphy Nyengele.

Nyengele impressed the couple on their very first night and they asked for him each time, tipping him generously on every occasion.

According to Good Things Guy, the couple left Nyengele R5,000 (N121,800) tip on their R777 (N19,000) bill on their last night dining at the hotel.

Instead of pocketing the five grand, Nyengele split the money with the rest of the team. The “exceptional young man” believes that they all work together and “his team ethos is one for all and all for one.”

“You can only imagine how amazing you need to be to receive this kind of gratuity,” said Michelle Sander, sales executive at Onomo.