Sophia Momodu Tries to Get Davido’s Attention With These Very Sassy Photos

Sophia Momodu

Davido’s baby mama Sophia Momodu could not be bothered over all these noise going around about Davido and his fiancée Chioma welcoming their first child together.

As if to say it’s all her back case, she has taken to social media to drop some hot photos of herself whilst purposefully ignoring Davido and Chioma.

Since news of the birth went viral Sophia has been on IG sharing these sultry photos but hasn’t taken even a second to congratulate Davido or Chioma.

She’s not got that time or grace to pretend to be happy for them when she’s not – she’s just living her life.

Sophia is the original Davido baby mama, father of his first child, his lovely daughter Imade. He later had another daughter with his second baby mama, before the ‘chosen one’ Chioma blessed him with his first son.

Anyway, Davido is a blessed man but Sophia doesn’t care.

Check out Momodu doing her own thing in the photos below: