“Soon I will be out of this country” – Man says, dumps his girlfriend after she labeled him ‘stingy’ (Video)

A Nigerian man has initiated a breakup with his girlfriend through a lengthy message, explicitly requesting that she refrain from contacting him further once she receives the breakup message.

In a recently shared video, supplemented with text, the Nigerian man revealed his decision to end the relationship to his girlfriend.

He stated that the breakup is the most suitable course of action, driven by his desire to evade unnecessary stress and challenges.

He disclosed that he pondered over the matter and after careful consideration, he arrived at the conclusion that both he and his girlfriend would benefit from going their separate ways.

He acknowledged that his girlfriend had made it explicit that she wasn’t deriving any benefits from the relationship.

His message:

“After much contemplation, I have come to a conclusion that will favor both of us. You have made it clear when you told me that you are not gaining anything from this relationship, and your friends are making you believe that I am stingy.”

“It’s obvious we are in this relationship because of what you are expecting, as I have my duties and you also have yours. If you say I’m not trying, I won’t argue, but I know I always do my best. Right now, I don’t need any pressure because for some time I have been having some pressing issues and by God’s grace, it will be over soon. But before then, it’s better we all go our separate ways for our own good.”

“I need to level up, and this time I want to do it alone with no stress and no relationship. Thank you for your time, and please don’t bother to call or text back because you already said you hate me.”

“If you say I’m the bad person, I agree. Take the trophy of the good person and go in peace. In the end, I have come to realize that no matter what I do, you don’t tend to appreciate it. You are focused on what I could not do.”

“Anyways, that’s life. People will always remember when you couldn’t help them but forget all the times you came through for them. I’m not bothered anymore; all I care about now is bettering my life because soon I will be out of this country. Good luck.”


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