Sonnie Badu’s daughter clocks 17


UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist, philanthropist, author, and television presenter Sonnie Badu is celebrating his first daughter Shadine Badu as she clocks 17 today December 7th, 2019.

In a world where absentee fathers who are not usually in their kid life have become the order of the day, read Badu’s message to his baby girl here.

I remember taking you to school for the first time as a little girl, filling all forms and then you telling me daddy please don’t go, stay with me. I sat with you to write all your exams 😂😂, then we will go eat African food (your favorite) after each class .. For the past 7- 8 years I have never missed your birthday, celebrating it in different countries and nations as you wished (my favorite was Paris). You have enjoyed me than any of your siblings because you are my first gift from God. Today, you are 17 years old. Last year was an interesting birthday 😂😂, and I enjoyed every bit of it but Today I pray to my God to bless you and lift you up my beautiful flower, my baby girl, my GodsGlue. Make me proud of my child. I have all your letters of a promise you have written to me and I love you to bits for that… grow great, Do not repeat any history from your mother or me. Fly higher, daddy is behind you and your mother has toiled for you, I love you SHADINE … This pic was in Ghana a few years ago, and remember none of your siblings have been there yet except you🤔🤔 … enjoy your day .. daddy loves you … #DrBanana … my Instagram is for you today .. I will tell the world how you bully me 😂😂 happy birthday to you #ShadineBadu #myFirstSeedOnEarth …. #Dad.