“Someone’s girlfriend” – Ladies in military camp shave hair as they train to be soldiers, video emerges (Watch)

A 27 seconds video has shown ladies in a military training camp and how their hair was shaved to the skin.

The ladies were standing in an open field and appeared to be receiving drills from their commanders.

Almost all of them had their hair wholly scrapped off as they were filmed one after the other. How ladies training to be soldiers shaved their hair The military trainees were wearing white polo tucked into white shorts.

None of them had jewellery on, not even dot earrings. One of the ladies shown at a close range was even shedding tears probably due to how tough the training was.

Meanwhile, funny reactions have trailed the video after it was posted on TikTok by @fatibaabii12.

Many people praised the ladies for enduring the tough training. Others said they wouldn’t be able to withstand such rigour.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below.

@Nas said: “US security forces will never do this yet they are most powerful when it comes to war.”

@Daniel commented: “So if their hairs are on…. there will be earthquake at the training ground abi.”

@REGGAE_lyrical said: “All kinds of heads are available.”

@Luvone1 reacted: “At this point is either you are going through a lot or a lot is going through you.”

@Bakamboke said: beautiful creatures on earth.”

@AKOSUAPRAISE commented: “I can never look good in this hairstyle oooo.”

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