“Someone tell him this is not Zee world” – Drama as Nigerian police officer and Indian man engage in heated altercation

Drama erupts in a viral video that captured the moment a Nigerian police officer and an Indian man engage in a heated exchange.

During a stop and search, police officers looked to have had a quarrel with a couple of Indian men which resulted to an uproar.

The Indian men and police officers were observed yelling at one another about an undisclosed issue.

Some netizens noted that the case would have been entirely different if the confrontation was between a Nigerian and the police.

See some reactions below:
king roye said: “These people disgrace us at every given opportunity”

Hashtag LFC noted: “As a black man you can’t try this with Indian police tbh. This video dey vex me tbh”

Your GF crush asked: “See how foreigner Dey shout on Nigeria police… let imagine this was between Nigeria police and citizen? What do u think might have happen?”

LITG suggested: “Someone please tell him this is not Zee world where Abi and Pragia dey do anyhow.”


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