Some women smells like “He-Goats”, Eucharia Anunobi kicks


Nigerian filmmaker and actress Eucharia Anunobi took to her timeline with a message for her female followers who no longer care for themselves.

The 55-year old who also doubles as a pastor revealed that a person’s dressing is what people see before anything else and so women should always be presentable.

Anunobi further stated that due to the lock down, a lot of ladies no longer wear makeup or smell good but rather dress shabbily.

Check on her post below:

People see who you are (THROUGH YOUR DRESSING ) before they know who you are (THROUGH THE THINGS YOU SAY ) Be presentable always.

Because of being locked down in the house, a lot of wives are no longer taking care of themselves: no makeup, not wearing perfumes any longer, smelling like he – goats all over the house, having their hairs in disarray, dressing shabbily.
Do you remember that Adam said of Eve,bwhen God brought her to him : This now is the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh ….he said so, because Eve had been made ( prepared, fashioned, well decorated ) by God as he (Adam ) set eyes on her .
Don’t let the lock down turn you into pigs !!!
Genesis 2 : 21 – 23