“Some tears will never dry” – Nigerian man mourns his two young brothers who drowned in river

One Isaac, from Akwa Ibom State, has mourned his two young brothers, Samuel and Charlie, who drowned while bathing in a river.

“Since Saturday, I have not been myself. I dnt knw what to say, my heart is of grief and pain. Am writing this with tears in my eyes and heavy heart,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, May 25, 2023.

“Not dream of writing this even in the next thirty years or there about years to come. I dnt supposes to write this for you people is you people would have written this for me ..uncle Omigi r.i.p not me. I wept bitterly and I lack words to say. All like a movie it happened right before my eyes ..that you people are leaving me so lonely. Charlie and Samuel,” 

“Well I still have hope of seeing you guys in the land of no tears someday. I m missing you people. Some memories will never ends ,some tears will never dry my love for you people will never die. Vengeance is from the Lord ….Mmmmmm sleep well my two brothers. Forever remain in my memory. Charlie boy and Samuel boy.”

According to one Emmy Felix, the older boy was trying to help his younger who got swept away.

“That river should be forbidden for anyone to bath inside there,” Emmy said. “The big one went to help the small one but unfortunately he didn’t survive it.” 

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